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Helping people help people.

A strategic presence in Phoenix.

Life is bigger than the workplace. One of the inspirations that led to the launch of Resource Employee Care was the desire to affect a larger realm in the Valley of the Sun. Whether it is by initiating community efforts about which we are passionate, partnering with people and organizations already doing good things in Arizona, serving former employees and others beyond our normal realm, or simply supporting and encouraging quality organizations in need–we want to help.

Resource Community Care is already at work with these efforts:


Training First Responder Chaplains

RCC is partnering with Arizona State Chaplain Services, co-leading and growing the training and certification process for First Responders Chaplains at the local, state, and national level, located throughout our state.

Providing Guidance Sessions

People have problems regardless of where they work. People in transition are particularly vulnerable, so our Support Coaches continue to help where they can, especially in the realm of former employees and their families.

Direct Services for First Responders

Lives are on the line every day, throughout the Valley. Some of the most at-risk populations are our First Responders and their families. RCC is touching these lives by making chaplaincy services available for our partnering agencies.

Community Events Partnership

Whether sponsoring an Industry Suicide Prevention Seminar or a Prayer Breakfast for at-risk occupations, painting houses in low-income neighborhoods, or packing food boxes for those in need, Resource Community Care is getting involved.
so how does it work?


Services provided by Resource Community Care come about in three different ways:

  1. Donations of time and money from Resource Employee Care.

  2. Donations from other organizations and individuals.

  3. Partnerships with community-minded organizations and individuals.

If you would like to give a 100% tax-deductible donation to Resource Community Care, please click on the button below to link to our funding page, hosted by our 501(c)(3) partner, New Horizons Foundation, Inc.


Wanna go with us to Haiti (or another place in need)?

Although it is not yet a realization, one of our visions for the future is taking a group of people to serve alongside a solid, experienced, and diverse Haitian-led organization, Mission of Hope (mohhaiti.org). We are also keeping other opportunities in mind that will broaden the horizons and impact of our people.

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