Pathways and Footprints

We live in Phoenix, too!

Every business owner, every employee, every person shares our communities.  And our Support Coaches live here, too. At Resource Employee Care, we feel that our lives are filled with opportunities to go deeper within the setting of our communities.

Resource Employee Care has set up a donor revenue stream that is fully tax-deductible per IRS standards.  Through monies generated in this stream, REC Support Coaches will serve the people of greater Phoenix, free of charge to them.

Here are our current community projects:

  • REC is serving select Valley police departments as a trauma chaplain.  In the midst of intensely difficult situations, we will serve first responders, victims, and the families of both, free of charge. We are seeking to expand services to firefighters and paramedics, as well.
  • REC continues to seek out ways to serve people in the general community, and specifically former employees and their families, free of charge.

Whether it is for a one-time gift or ongoing support, we appreciate your partnership as you help us help in these specific endeavors. Please visit our Donate page if you wish to help us accomplish better communities for us all.

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