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Employee Care


The best businesses are comprised of the best employees.

At The Workplace.

Yes, this is where it happens.

Some of the biggest obstacles that keep people from reaching out for help are awkwardness, shame, and lack of time management. We overcome these factors to proactively help employees receive the help they need.
For starters, we don’t make employees come to an office to see us. Instead, we come to meet them where they are comfortable and feel normal–where they work.
And since Resource Care Providers establish and build relationships throughout the workplace, there is no stigma in talking to us. Instead of feeling shame or weakness, employees’ time with us is a positive, helpful and satisfying part of their week.
Lastly, on our rounds, time is effectively utilized. The progress that can take place within a burst of select minutes with the employee each week can be astounding. And when more extensive time or efforts are needed, we help them schedule that time.

Three program options.


Comprehensive Workplace is our full-service, all-inclusive, rounds-oriented package. It is built to be proactively prepared for any life event regarding employees, their workplaces, and their families.


  • initial program orientation

  • weekly workplace rounds

  • face-to-face employee coaching, guidance, and support

  • 24/7 phone/text/email availability

  • hospital visits and court appearances availability

  • dedicated employee session availability

  • resource referrals and assistance


EAPlus is our responsive care/local presence plan, without rounds. Unlike 1-800 EAPs, we are right here, right now, and readily available to meet, face-to-face.


  • initial & annual benefit presentation

  • 24/7 phone/text/email availability

  • hospital visit and court appearance availability

  • dedicated face-to-face employee session availability

  • resource referrals and assistance


N2 Focus sessions are dedicated teaching, training, or retreat blocks for leadership, employees and/or their families. The solutions your team is seeking are available Now and are Near. Build teams, hone skills, and increase awareness through these focused times.


  • held on-site or off-site

  • spectrum of topics and goals covered

  • varying blocks of time available

  • weekend retreats available

bottom-line benefits

Joe Owner: "Sounds good, but really, how is this going to help my business?"


Nothing is more important than your people. With REC aboard, they are well cared for.


Employees regularly voice appreciation and satisfaction to leadership for offering REC services.


Allow leadership to concentrate on business, not employee problems.

rubber band ball

“Our lives are not like a pie, with our work slice, family slice, and so forth. It’s not nearly that neat and tidy. We are more like a rubber band ball. We are comprised of many different aspects, and they are all intertwined.”

– REC proverb


The better the employee is outside of work, the better he or she is at work.


Streamline HR department productivity by outsourcing employee problems to REC.


Satisfied, well put-together employees result in less turnover, saving money and reducing stress.

Q & A for Leadership

Not at all. Since the program is permission-based, each employee decides how they would like to utilize this benefit.

The costs will vary depending on the type of program/services requested, the number of employees in the organization, and additional logistical issues, such as the number of locations in the organization. Please contact us for a quote.

No, that actually would be detrimental to the morale of those not covered, and would cause division within the organization. It’s interesting to note that many times throughout our history, individuals or groups of employees that were thought least likely to utilize the program not only participate in it, but many times have become staunch advocates of the program to others.

We have clients with as few as 10 and as many as 300 employees utilizing our programs. Our programs are customized to fit your organization.

While we are specifically geared to serve in the Valley of the Sun, Resource Employee Care has Training Plans in place to proliferate what we do, where you are. Contact us to talk shop about it!

REC works off of a simple service agreement with its clients, and there is no contracted period of time or other mandates. With a client retention rate of 90% over the past economically-turbulent decade, REC is confident that the value of our services will be evident.

We can and do flow into a bilingual environment effectively. Not only can we speak the language, but we understand the culture.