Your employees don’t leave their problems at home. That’s where we come in.



What if the success or failure of your organization didn’t hinge on the latest cutting-edge marketing campaign. What if comprehensive skills weren’t the foundational component of your organization’s sum capabilities. What if the key was already in place. Would you seek to study that key, protect it, care for it, optimize it? What would you be willing to invest in that key and impact your organization?



Your key is your employees. Every single one. You want your company to succeed, yet doing so involves many challenges–because it is comprised of real people living real lives. In order to address this, you have benefits in place, career ladders in order, policies and procedures written, coffee and sodas available. Even an 800-number EAP in Los Angeles (…or did it relocate to Dallas?). You are doing what you can.

But look past the surface and you will find more employee needs than you can comprehensively address. Look and listen, and in their lives you might discover currently hidden such things as:

  • Loneliness.
  • Marital problems that are fast heading towards divorce.
  • Anxieties brought on by a wayward child.
  • Addictions that threaten to destroy everything, if (when) found out.
  • Creditors calling.
  • Anger management issues.
  • A parent in the hospital with cancer–or at a more advanced stage, in hospice.  And what about the upcoming funeral?
  • Harsh workplace gossip that is quietly drifting towards legal consequences.
  • A desperate desire to discover if life really has any meaning at all.

And so much more.

Contrary to our biggest desires and best intentions, people do not drop their problems before they walk into your organization.  It’s not possible. These problems follow your team members into their cubicles, workstations, team meetings, job sites, company cars. They are absorbed by your business.  In essence, they have now become your problems.

What can you do to possibly address this situation?

Resource Employee Care exists not only to help your organization cope with this constantly shifting challenge, but to empower your workforce to overcome and succeed.  We open doors for your employees, your organization, and the communities in Arizona we all share. We instill optimism. So that your people can live honest, successful, fulfilling lives.  So that your company can do what it does.


Opt in.

Your employees deserve serious care. It is care not encompassed by giving them an EAP call center manned by a stranger hundreds of miles away.  It is not accomplished with an occasional seminar or an annual company picnic. Instead, opt in to intentional, weekly, sincere, face-to-face care  (that includes additional 24/7/365 availability, by the way). Put into motion a solution for the people who determine the success or failure of your business.


Opening doorsResource Employee Care.




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