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Our Story

How we started.

Teammates Greg Bennett, a native of Texas, and Daniel Mercado, originally from Chile, began their journey of service in Phoenix in 2005 and 2007, respectively, working with a national workplace chaplaincy agency. Successful in this endeavor, they felt a great satisfaction positively impacting employees and companies throughout the Valley of the Sun and into Tucson.

However, they felt that a more comprehensive and effective model was needed, born in Arizona, with a heart dedicated locally to caring for Arizonans. After much consideration, they launched Phoenix-based Resource Employee Care LLC in 2013. At that time, they also began what would become Resource Community Care, in order to bring healing beyond the workplace and into the larger communities we all share.

Who we are.

Daniel Mercado
Executive Director, Vision Lead, Eye on the Horizon
Daniel has served as a corporate chaplain, pastor, and church planter; rescue mission operations director; crisis response, police, jail and hospital chaplain. He led efforts in launching a free community clinic and has extensive history in caring for people. Daniel has degrees in Theology and Social Work, and certification in Family and Marriage Counseling.
Greg Bennett
Operations Director, Mission Lead, Nuts-n-Bolts
Greg has served as a corporate chaplain regional manager, church planter, life coach, and has two decades of organizational and business leadership experience. He worked for a decade in the medical field, in such areas as emergency/critical care, rehabilitation, and palliative care. Greg also worked in banking, finance, and advertising, and has degrees in Education, Respiratory Therapy, and Advertising.

Where it happens.

Some of our incredible clients include:

Our Associations.

Resource Employee & Community Care is thankful to share the journey with:

Better Business Bureau

Providing accountability and guidance partnership for Central, Northern, and Western Arizona.

International Employee Assistance Professionals Association

Training, professionalism, and accountability.

Campus Christian Center

Provision of space to meet with employees in our counseling/coaching efforts.

Arizona State Chaplain Service

ASCS provides training for chaplains affiliated with First Responders at the city, country, state, and national level.

Arizona Christian Link

Serving our shared communities throughout metro Phoenix.

Construction Industry Suicide Prevention Action Team

Project of the Construction Financial Management Association

American Association of Christian Counselors

Providing resources for training, securing counselors, and strengthening bonds between mental health providers.

New Horizons Foundation

Fulfilling a role as our 501(c)(3) compliance partner.

Mission Increase Foundation

Partnering with us in our Community Care efforts.

Our Mission

Why we do what we do.

“We provide client employees with custom support, resources, and tools, empowering them to navigate through and overcome life challenges.”