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“Greg is the type of person you want beside you on life’s journey. Whether in times of celebration, in times of extreme sorrow or in the ordinary challenges of life, his compassion, wisdom and guidance have been a great encouragement to me.” – Cindy

“Daniel is the real deal & instinctively knows when to be around, offer more help & guidance as well as when to pull back & allow people to deal with situations in their own way.”  – Gene

“When my dad passed unexpectedly, my family and I were lost and didn’t know what to do next. Greg, who has never met my family,  stepped in and guided us through the worst times of our lives. He met with all of us and walked us through the process. He provided comfort when there was none to be found.” – Matt

“Resource Employee Care is a great source of encouragement to our employees.  Greg brightens the office with each visit and has provided personal help and counsel to our staff.” – Jean

“The character of Greg is something unique and valuable. He has the ability to listen but then also communicate important truths. I’ve witnessed his ability to lead and communicate on several occasions.”  – Neil

“Dan has had a profound impact on our organization. I recommend him without hesitation, both personally and professionally.”  – John

“Greg is one person in my life who genuinely listens, asks the right questions, and gives advice…for issues I’m dealing with. ” – Robert

“I’ve always felt completely comfortable sharing my struggles and challenges with Greg. I have always felt that he listened and cared for me with whatever I laid on him.”  – Kevin

“Greg has an approach that makes you feel comfortable immediately, which allows you to open up and feel secure.”  – Tina

“Dan’s ability to work with employees and provide personal care has had a tremendous affect on our team’s morale. He has helped to foster an increased sense of community.”  – Harold

“Having worked with Greg Bennett for many years now I can say that he is a great friend and confidant.  I enjoy my visits with him as you can be real with him, talk to him about the good and the bad, and he will not judge you for it.” – Jeff

 “Greg, I want to thank you again for being a mentor…and more importantly a friend.”  – Ray

“Greg has always been an inspiration to me in my life…always given me a positive perspective.” – Angel